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Marcia Hammonds

(BA, CPHR), Chief Talent & Culture Officer

Marcia offers more than 20 years experience in the area of human resources and recruitment, both locally, nationally and internationally. Most recently Marcia spent seven years living and working in Dubai, UAE initially in the capacity of Human Resources Consultant for Serco Middle East, a large service-oriented multi-national company headquartered out of the UK, and then more recently as an Executive Recruitment Consultant for Kershaw Leonard, a boutique-style recruitment agency.

Prior to living in the Middle East, Marcia held various senior positions within the consulting and hospitality industry, most notably within Grant Thornton where she worked with various tourism-related employment programs including Destinations and Tourism Careers for Youth.


Little Known Facts

  • Travelled from Dubai to Vancouver for a long weekend just to see 2 Bon Jovi concerts – and upon “bumping into” my idol, Jon Bon Jovi in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at on my way to the airport (not looking quite as glamorous as I did at the concerts) I could barely manage to “squawk out” a feeble hi I was so nervous…it didn’t help that I had lost my voice from screaming so much the past 2 nights as well!  Needless to say none of my JBJ fantasies came true!
  • Of the 4 “boys” that I live with in my house – Tanner (my golden retriever) is consistently my “hands-on” favorite – REALLY!
  • I am the WORST parallel parker in the world…will walk blocks and blocks to avoid embarrassing myself (and anyone who may be with me at the time) and trying to park this way


My favorite travel destination: Hong Kong – I think it is the most amazing city – so diverse and so easy to get around…so much culture, yet clean and safe everywhere…you can be at a market eating street food one minute and then take a 20 minute walk and be at a “swanky” bar…shopping is amazing and the people are so friendly

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