Working Remote at Chemistry

Being a remote worker for Chemistry Consulting has truly changed my life. It has allowed me to achieve my goal of working as a full time HR Consultant, while accommodating my personal situation. I am currently living in Nanaimo and report into the Chemistry Office in Victoria. I work with clients all over BC and through technology, communications and in-person meetings, I am able to be an active participant in the organization, experience its unique culture, understand the business strategies, collaborate with colleagues and meet the demands of our busy practice.

Leadership is a key component of any remote-working relationship. The owners of Chemistry Consulting (Christine and Frank) trust their team to deliver results and do not micromanage. They provide direction and make themselves available for questions and collaboration, and ensure that I feel valued and supported by them and by my peers. They make every effort to let me know that I am as much a part of the team as anyone else.

My peers have been great to work with as well. We connect frequently to discuss projects and share ideas, and they also reach out just to say hello and see how I am doing. We are able to communicate and collaborate, even if we are not physically in the same space.

Technology supports this working arrangement. I am provided with a company laptop, cell phone, access to a conference line and the company intranet site for the sharing of materials. Administrative support is available to me, the same as to those located in the office, allowing me to deliver the appropriate and professional results our clients expect.

Chemistry focuses on the deliverables and quality of work completed by their consultants and they use the satisfaction level and positive results for clients as the scorecard.

I understand that working remotely is not for everyone, and I do miss some facets of “coming into an office” – however working remotely has allowed me to have a much better balance in my life. I am able to focus on my family, as well as my work, with a schedule that works best for me. While I am always available to our clients and my peers and meet all my time commitments, working remotely allows me to manage a hectic family life that spans across 2 provinces, while being a productive employee.

In order to be a successful remote worker, I have to view communication in a whole different way - as you cannot just walk down the hall for a face-to-face discussion. The majority of my communication is via email or over the phone, so you have to be very clear in your messaging, be articulate, and ensure your tone is open and friendly. A mis-interpretation of meaning can happen very easily when facial expressions and/or body language are not involved in the communication. You also need to convey what you are working on and the stage it is at, not so your manager knows your every move, but so they have a comfort level that what you have been assigned is in good hands. Consistent reporting helps to put them at ease, and builds confidence in your level of work. As no one is able to pop by your office to see how a project is going, you need to keep your managers and peers in the loop.

The last, and maybe most important part about successfully working from home, is that you need to put the blinders on. When working in a home office environment, it is easy to be distracted with the daily chores of home such as laundry, dishes and the dust bunnies under the couch. It can be difficult to find a place where you are comfortable to work, able to focus and be productive and turn off those distractions! Some people are able to do this in a home based office, and others find it better to utilize a co-working space that is close to home.

Perseverance and organization skills are critical when you are working remotely. It is important to plan out your time, list your goals and objectives on a daily basis, and commit to staying on track!

For me, this is working. I enjoy working for Chemistry and really appreciate the opportunity that the company has provided me.


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