HR Tips - Strategy

  • When developing your strategic plan, remember to consider the people impact. Plan for succession, recruitment needs and organizational structure.
  • Share your company's strategic plan, updates and financial results. This could be done through a regular "all hands" meeting.
  • Consider outsourcing functions that are not your specialty, like payroll or human resources/projects. This will allow you to focus on other more critical objectives.
  • Consider a facilitated off-site strategy meeting with all of your key staff/team members as meeting somewhere different can put a new spin on things. Having a qualified facilitator help drive ideas and keep focus could be well worth the time and money.
  • Change can be difficult. Be sure to communicate the reason for any change as well as how it will work and impact each player. Be open to feedback.
  • Keep connected with other HR professionals or business owners in your area. It can be helpful maintain a network where you can collaborate and share ideas and challenges.


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