HR Tips - Selection

  • All job offers should be put in writing, rather than be made verbally.
  • Take the time to thank all unsuccessful job candidates that you interviewed as this courtesy speaks to your brand.
  • Choose the best candidate based on skill, abilities and fit for the department and organization.
  • Prepare for the interview and have a set of questions that you ask each candidate. Create interview questions that will help you find out what is NOT on their resume.
  • Diarize your findings and thoughts regarding each candidate directly after the interview.
  • The digital profile of your applicant can often tell you more than the traditional resume.
  • Ask your candidates to bring in a sample of past work or describe a "day in the life of" as part of the interview. Assignments or tests are also good tools to help you understand the candidates' skills and abilities.
  • When interviewing, try to test an individual's ability to learn. The ability to learn will make most people succeed in their job.
  • Begin the interview process by helping candidates relax and feel comfortable.
  • Make sure your offer of employment provides a competitive wage and aligns with your current business practices.
  • Call the unsuccessful candidates with whom you have spoken (either in a phone or in-person interview) to share results and provide any relevant feedback. They might be your next employee!
  • Complete employee references on all final candidates and dive deep both into potential areas of concern and any critical areas for success. The hiring manager should take these into account when making a final decision.
  • When setting up an interview, remember to provide the candidate with information about the format of the interview (panel or single, who is interviewing and approximate time frame) - as well as instructions for parking.


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