HR Tips - Recruitment

  • Before recruiting, look to existing staff and ask - Can I promote from within?
  • Look at the diversity of your existing staff. Ideally, it is reflective of the population of your community. If it is not - perhaps look at your hiring practices to see if there is anything that you are doing that could unknowingly favour one segment of the population.
  • When you are interviewing, be cautious of the "halo" effect or hiring someone "just like you". It is important to get a full understanding of each candidate's skills, abilities and fit for your organization.
  • Review the scope, responsibilities and requirements of the position prior to posting it externally. Based on organizational change, the job may have evolved. Postings need to be clear on what the position entails.
  • Think about "constant recruitment". Speak to your colleagues about your business and employment opportunities. Search through candidates on LinkedIn. The best candidates are out there - you just need to find them and attract them to your business.
  • Set up an employee referral system for your recruitment needs. Your employees already understand your culture and the type of employees that you are seeking.
  • Streamline your recruitment process as much as possible. Make it easy for people to apply for available positions and maintain an applicant database for future reference.
  • Utilize your online presence for recruitment. Ensure your company website has a highly visible careers tab. Set up accounts on LinkedIn, Indeed and other job posting sites.
  • Accurately describe the environment and the challenges of the open position to your candidate. You need to ensure there is a fit for both the company and the individual hired.
  • Participate in the Co-op programs of your local university or college. This is a great source of candidates with up-to-date skills. The normal co-op term of employment is 4-8 months.
  • Utilize an external agency for hard to fill positions. Executive search firms can be hired on either a retained or contingency basis.
  • Set up an auto-reply for the email address receiving all applications so that candidates know that their application has been received.


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