HR Tips - Performance

  • Performance discussions can be a challenge. Be specific and not "personal".
  • Dedicate time to your employee when providing feedback. Don't be distracted by a phone call or other interruptions.
  • Let your employee know the timing of their performance review in advance and provide them with an opportunity for input.
  • Ensure the review is signed off by both the manager and employee. On the employee's part, this does not mean that they agree with the contents, just that they have read and received a copy of it.
  • Discuss job responsibilities with each employee annually and ensure each person has an up-to-date job description.
  • Think of performance management differently. Instead of once a year, have monthly one-on-one meetings with your staff.
  • Your staff know if someone is not pulling their weight. This can be demoralizing and can impact the team. Ensure you address performance and team dynamics issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Allegations of employee mis-behaviour should be investigated fully. Your employees have a right to a workplace free of harassment and discrimination.


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