HR Tips - Leadership

  • Stay up-to-date with HR best practices by subscribing to and reading HR blogs, HR magazines and business articles online.
  • Use some of the great HR technology available to improve the effectiveness of your HR processes.
  • Research technological solutions to address repetitive tasks within the company. This will help to improve efficiency and allow staff to focus on more interesting tasks.
  • Be a good communicator; regularly communicate with your team in person and in writing.
  • An open door policy allows for people to come to you -- but it is also helpful to get out, go to your staff & make yourself available. Staying connected with your team is critical.
  • Employees are always observing how you act and what you do. Walk the talk and model your expectations.
  • Understand the capacity of your leadership team. Ensure that their span of control allows them to stretch and also find success in their team's accomplishments.


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