HR Tips - Engagement

  • Understand the social causes that are important to your employees. Perhaps you could corporately support these causes - either financially or by providing your staff a day off to volunteer.
  • Ensure scheduling is fair and defensible.
  • Ask your staff! They may have some great ideas and suggestions on how to improve their work and workplace.
  • Develop an internal ambassador program where the more experienced employees mentor new employees.
  • An employee survey is a good way to get an understanding of the issues within your organization. This should be done externally, with results tabulated to retain confidentiality. Responses can be compared to prior surveys to understand trends. You should communicate the results to your team, along with the initiatives that will be undertaking to address identified areas of concern.
  • Send every employee a birthday card, old school, in the mail to their house.
  • From time to time, surprise your employees with an unexpected gift. For a team - a box of treats, for the individual - a coffee card.
  • Provide regular, helpful feedback to employees in a manner that encourages rather than discourages.
  • Make sure your staff have time to connect with each other and learn about strengths, interests and challenges. Team-building is important.
  • Respect is a powerful tool. Respect your employees individually and their individuality.
  • Encourage cross-departmental teams. This will help to facilitate knowledge sharing, understanding of the bigger picture, and the creation of more connections within the organization.
  • Encourage your staff to form a social club so they can collaborate on fun events for the company.


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