HR Tips - Documentation

  • Retain all selection paperwork (reference checks, assignments, criminal record check) in each employee's file.
  • Ensure employee documentation is kept confidential and is retained for the appropriate time period.
  • An employee handbook can provide a central location for company policies. Any updates or changes should be properly communicated to staff
  • The employee handbook could contain information on: Mission/Vision/Values, Company History, Department Structures, Organizational Charts, Leader Profiles, Operational overviews, Performance Management, Training and Professional Development, Compensation & Benefits, Group Insurance & Retirement Benefits, Vacation & Leave policies, Work Environment Policies (Equal Opportunity, Bullying & Harassment, Travel & Entertainment/Expense Reimbursement, Confidentiality, Privacy, Security, Conflict of Interest, and Information Technology)
  • Give your team members access to their employee file.


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