HR Tips - Culture

  • Employee recognition is critical. You may not be thanked for it by your staff, but they will notice if it is not provided.
  • Develop a culture/work environment where people not only want to work but want to stay.
  • If your business can accommodate it, allow flexible start/working times to take the stress out of commuting.
  • Bring people together with a "goodie" day. (Have staff take turns one day each week baking or bringing treats for everyone in the department.)
  • Create small focus groups of your employees to test new ideas or processes.
  • If you are hosting an event with alcohol, ensure that you provide safe alternatives for people to get home.
  • Encourage participation in recycling and green initiatives within your office.
  • A family picnic or holiday party could be a fun event for your employees, their spouses and/or families. It can provide great memories and helps to provide more connections within the organization.
  • A failure should be a learning opportunity. Give staff permission to try new things and potentially fail.
  • How about allowing pets in the workplace? This could provide for reduced stress amongst your staff and more job satisfaction. Be sure to discuss this will all team members to determine any allergies, and to establish appropriate guidelines for the program.
  • Remote employees can be key members of our team. They just happen to live and work somewhere else. Be sure to include them in "watercooler" discussions with the group and frequently touch base with them on an individual basis (as you would your other staff that are next door).


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